Taiwan 2020

· 2 min read

It was mid-September, about a month and a half after I was denied boarding the flight I had put some blood, some tears, but mostly just a lot of effort into. I was all in. Canadian COVID-19 cases were on the rise with students heading back to school, my home province was on fire, and I packed subtropical. There was no turning back unless it was forced upon me.

I was rescheduled to depart on a flight that had previously been cancelled and it was only three days away. I took a COVID-19 test on Monday, picked up my new visa on Tuesday, and then I received my COVID-19 results, found out that my divorce was granted, and flew on Wednesday.

September woke me up to the clear realization that this adventure is an investment in myself. Any time or money spent will be for the betterment of myself in the key areas of my life. This experience will be difficult to forget and I think it will serve as a reminder to help me stay focused.

My plans for attending school fell through but my primary goals remain the same: coding, writing, studying Mandarin, and to remain open to opportunities that will help me grow. I’m not tied down to any particular location — I’m living out of my backpack for the foreseeable future — and so I can embark on opportunities that resonate with me as they come up.

A few days ago, I thought to myself, “I need to reconnect with nature when I get out of quarantine.” Moments later, a friend sent me a link to an opportunity arranged by the Forestry Bureau of Taiwan. They are looking for native English speakers to go on a guided four day excursion to learn about Taiwanese nature and indigenous culture in exchange for a one thousand word article within fourteen days of returning.

I was stoked! I took the time to write a compelling application and I should hear back mid-October. Regardless of the outcome, I found it amazing that opportunities for adventure have begun already. I suspect more doors will open once I reach some level of proficiency with Mandarin.

There are times in life when you’re on the right path and all the pieces begin to fall into place. This feels like one of those times.