Sales and Marketing

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I built Acrobox and — unsurprisingly — no one came.

I’ve built many products in the past. Historically, I tapped out of sales and marketing and moved on to building my next project. This time, I’m going for it. Having clearly explained my naivety in this realm, this is how I’m moving forward.

There is no limit to the amount of products and services attempting to attract our attention in every moment. So, why Acrobox? I’m building for a targetted niche of solo indie hackers building and iterating on products and services — perhaps the type to embark on a “12 projects in 12 months” challenge.

Humans already have to make so many decisions every day. Knowledge workers — even more. In software, we look for solutions to our problems and interact with pricing pages that scroll for days or fill out pricing calculator estimates that return values with up to 10 decimal places and this has somehow become the norm.

It doesn’t need to be like this. At least not for my target audience.

I want Acrobox to be the obvious choice for this demographic. Yes, there is some assumed knowledge that I had to make several tough decisions on where to draw the line for. Sure, my target audience may already have experience with deploying applications. But unless I’ve missed something, Acrobox is the only end-to-end solution offered at truly predictable pricing.

I took a look at several SaaS company pricing pages, big and small. It’s rare that I see a referral program. I wonder why? We are social creatures. Word of mouth is incredibly powerful. I want to incentivize and reward for that behaviour — fully transparent.

I can’t entirely avoid sales and marketing but my bet is that a quality product with a generous referral program will sell well. I chose to leverage my software skills to develop a referral program as simple as the pricing.

Save $1/m per active referral.

I’ve currently priced Acrobox at $30/m. Refer 30 customers that remain customers and your bill is $0/m. Simple as that.

Now, I need to seed my customer base.