Return to Canada

· 1 min read

After weeks of wrapping up in Chiayi, I made my way back to Taipei. I had four beautiful partly sunny days of visiting friends and eating my favourite foods before catching my flight to Vancouver.

Logistically, returning was a lot easier than arriving here. Over two years into this mess, government websites have accurate information and the process was streamlined. Airports were still empty and eerily silent.

I checked in with myself as I took a deep breath of that clean, crisp, Vancouver air. I was fine. This wasn’t what I planned, but I’m here and I’m okay with it. I’m more than okay with it. I’m excited for the unknown.

I had four quick days of errands, visiting friends, and biking around before flying across the country to visit my family and driving to settle into a little town on the east coast.

This is my first time living in a small town. I took a walk down Main street — pretty much the only street — on Saturday afternoon and saw maybe five people. I have everything I need at home so I only go outside for groceries or fresh air.

I felt settled in the moment I arrived. I started by feeding my body well and layered in a workout routine. Quality sleep and creativity followed naturally. Frugality, minimalism, and travel have assisted me in becoming more adaptable.

Just last week I was in and out of my apartment and interacting with people all day in Taiwan. I’d bike 10km round-trip for my morning coffee, bang out some creative work, rip across the city for a lunch or two, maybe participate in an impromptu Mandarin practice session — my days were action-packed.

It seems I’ll be taking things a bit slower for this next chapter.