One Bag

· 1 min read

Almost two years ago, I boarded my one way flight to Taiwan with two bags — a 35 L carry-on and a laptop backpack as my personal item.

My goal was to onebag it but it didn’t work out. I’ve onebagged for shorter trips so I had an experiential point of reference towards the feeling of freedom that is attainable through simplified travel.

This was my first time travelling for an indefinite duration and with a laptop. Worse, I underestimated how much remained to pack after already committing to bringing everything that didn’t make it to storage.

Air travel at the very least includes commuting to and through airports, crossing security checkpoints, and boarding planes. Carrying anything more than one bag that fits under the airplane seat complicates commuting, document inspection, washroom breaks, battles for overhead space, and so much more.

I prefer slower travel so it’s not that I’m moving around a lot. It isn’t so often that I reap the benefits of the time, thought, and initially perceived compromises made to fit everything I own into a single bag.

During my travels, many people questioned how I had so little. Hearing variations of this question over 18 months woke me up to the realization that I had only used approximately one quarter of what I had brought.

To me, onebagging is a personal tool for making conscious decisions about the possessions I own and discovering what is truly important.