A New Beginning

· 2 min read

A lot of people have been asking me what I’ve been up to and what my future holds for me having decided to leave work and venture into the unknown.

I’ve been off work for a month now. I’m still dealing with a few personal matters and I have my ups and downs but I’ve had time to relax, reflect, learn, create, and enjoy the little things in life — like discovering what dirty words turn me on the most. Things are pretty groovy.

I’ve experienced a sharp increase in mental clarity. Code is flowing out of my fingertips effortlessly. I’m having fun — it’s play. I’ve gone back to my hacker roots. It has quickly become apparent how much energy one can burn when not living in alignment and this is only the beginning. Awareness is key.

My calling to write has been echoing louder of late. I recently had a childhood memory resurface of the moment I first became aware that humans write the scripts for the cartoon I was watching. It felt similar to the time I became aware that humans program the applications on my screen.

I write a lot in my private journal and I have experimented with blogging and technical writing in the past. I use writing as a tool to straighten out my thoughts. I wasn’t fully committed to the decision to leave my job until I typed the final period of my previous post. I knew the moment I did.

I’ve been finding inspiration everywhere I look. My creativity and drive is at an all time high. I believe writing complements coding well. I’ve had an influx of ideas. I could write about my journey so far, my journey as it unfolds, thoughts on life, thoughts on coding, documentation, tutorials, or open some other portal into my mind. Opportunities are abundant.

Ultimately, I’m in a much better place and confident this change was right for me. My intention is for this website to evolve alongside me, authentically reflecting my values and where I’m at. I am living in the moment like never before and it is rich with inspiration and possibilities. I’m excited when I wake up and I’m committed to show up, create, and share.